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With experience of hundreds of in-person and virtual media events, conferences, trade shows, and public engagements, Amy empowers your members on clean beauty living.

As an experienced product developer, educator and advocate for Clean Beauty, plant-based ingredients and essential oils, Amy has collaborated with a wide range of companies. From emerging clean beauty entrepreneurs to already established wellness brands, Amy has led, developed and help formulate both the scents and the natural bases for plant-based skin and body care products.

Work with me 1:1 to educate and advise your team, develop products, host your media events, endorsements, PR and marketing support, press interviews and social media collaborations


The experience of creating a scent with Amy is what makes formulating fun! She has the deep, rich knowledge of the medicinal and healing properties of oils and also the sensory appeal that customers will not only benefit from, but will relax and be replenished from deep soothing scents.


Founder and CEO, PURSOMA

Amy Galper's training is absolutely top notch. She provides an exciting in-depth review of a complex subject in a way that makes understanding oils intuitive and inspiring. If you are interested in becoming an expert in essential oils yourself, I recommend turning to her for the highest quality education in the industry.

Trent Vandersloot

Director of Marketing, Melaleuca

Amy has been an integral part of Credo’s evolution as a company. Amy’s holistic guidance in ingredient knowledge and formulation is unparalleled. Amy is also a dynamic educator and speaker, and our staff find her training sessions invaluable. Amy’s expertise is unique in the space and we feel incredibly lucky to have had such a long and rewarding relationship with Amy.

Annie jackson

COO Credo beauty

Amy was a pleasure to work with on our project. We worked together to clearly map out expectations and deliveries. Her experience and knowledge of aromatherapy was incredibly helpful, as we looked for ways to incorporate aromatherapy into our product in a meaningful and compelling way.

Alicia Richman

Brand manager Yogi Teas

Amy Galper holds a botanical wealth of knowledge that is an incredible asset to growing an organic and clean beauty brand. Her support and expertise have been instrumental in helping me launch products with the highest level of integrity. I applaud her for not only being a pioneer in this movement, but supporting young talent. It’s always a true pleasure to work with Amy.

Victorine Deych


Amy Galper is the real deal when it comes to blending quality oils with healing benefits. As a small, thoughtfully crafted boutique clean beauty brand we pride ourselves on the quality and efficacy of our ingredients. Most recently Amy helped us develop a fabulous new product, RoseGlow Drops Daily Radiance Face Oil. We knew we wanted a beautiful, organic face oil that would bring a healthy glow to the skin using only the purest, plant-based botanicals. Amy helped us develop this blend from start to finish, listening to our needs and educating us about which plant and fruit seed botanicals would deliver the results we wanted. She also patiently blended three different essential oil scents and then re-blended until we found the one that was just right. The result is the most fabulous oil we've created yet and the sales speak for themselves. Everyone loves this beautiful product and we are so appreciative to have had Amy's expertise and guidance.

Linda Thompson

Founder and CEO, Olie Biologique

I’m Amy Galper

By partnering with executive, sales, and marketing teams at Fortune 500 companies, she has developed educational programs on essential oils and clean beauty standards. Amy has had the opportunity to consult with boutiques and other startup businesses wishing to promote a culture of wellness with their employees, customers, and stakeholders.

By building a presentation around the specific needs and goals of your organization, Amy educates and inspires your members walk away feeling empowered to take their health and beauty into their own hands.

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