You love essential oils.  You love smelling them, you love using them and sharing how they work. Maybe you make blends for other people, and maybe they ask you questions and look to you as their resource.

Sound familiar?

But self-education can only go so far.  And since we see essential oils everywhere these days, mentioned in big media outlets like Allure, and US Today, and at the checkout lines at big stores like Target and TJ MAXX – its easy to forget that they are actually extracted from real plants and have real therapeutic properties.

That’s why it’s really important to get properly educated, and get certified as a Professional Aromatherapist —  so you can actually help people with confidence and be the kind of trusted resource that they are looking for.

The wellness “industry” is growing exponentially.  Especially after 2020 battling the global pandemic!  It’s no longer a luxury to take care of ourselves.  It’s a necessity. Our lives actually depend on it.

Just look at the statistics:

“Wellness is about making healthy lifestyle choices and maintaining one’s wellbeing both physically and mentally. In recent years, more people around the world have begun to recognize the importance of wellness – a trend which has seen the value of the industry increase year-on-year. The health and wellness market size worldwide was estimated at over 4.4 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019, a figure which is set to increase to over six trillion U.S. dollars by 2025. ” 


And Aromatherapy as a wellness practice is fast becoming a major player in both complementary and conventional medicine worlds.  For instance, I know of MDs currently recommending their patients to smell essential oils to regain their sense of smell after recovering from COVID. 

Plus there is more and more compelling evidence showing how aroma triggers our parasympathetic nervous system, which is so important for our bodies and minds to rest and digest, restore and revitalize.

So,  we need more credentialed practitioners. 

There is too much noise swirling around in the media and on social.  We must find a way to sift through the chatter and confusion, and guide ourselves and others to trusting reliable and accurate information about what essential oils are and how to safely use them.

That’s why getting certified as a Professional Aromatherapist in 2021 is so important.  And if you are using essential oils, even if you have no intention to make a career out of it – getting the right expert training is non-negotiable.

What does certification give you?

  • Skills to fine tune your nose, so you can discern quality.  Quality is really one of the biggest problems in the essential oil world. And in my experience, it’s often the use of adulterated essential oils that causes most of the adverse reactions people complain about.
  • Proven methods to blend essential oils so that they are effective, safe and smell beautiful.
  • Experience and knowledge to read through articles, posts, and white papers and be able to think critically, analyze what you read, follow the research and connect with the thought leaders and experts who are making impact, reframing the practice and pioneering new approaches.

“The wellness industry represents 5.3 percent of global economic output.”

Global Wellness Institute

But what if you don’t want to be a Professional Aromatherapist? Is getting properly trained really that important?

I’d say yes.  

Why?  Because now more than ever we need the tools and knowledge to take back control over our health and wellbeing.  

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