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We stay away from essential oils because they often are regarded as alternative medicines without any proper basis. However, we have not realized that these oils are just a simple way of how nature connects with us to provide healing and relaxation without synthetic ingredients. In this episode, Amy Galper talks with Samantha Lee Wright, who hosts the number one podcast about essential oils called Essential Oil Revolution. Together, they share their favorite essential oils and how they each started using them. Also, Samantha shares some simple tips on how you can clean up your homes without actually aiming to be 100% germ-free and stay healthy by using them.

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The Benefits Of Using Essential Oils With Samantha Lee Wright

On the show, we have a special guest. I am thrilled to introduce you to Samantha Lee Wright and talk about essential oils with her. She is a host of the world’s number one essential oil podcast, The Essential Oil Revolution with over 3.5 million downloads. She teaches others how to use the power of nature for better health and happiness. She’s a master at helping people clear the toxins from their lives and take control of their health. She’s a wife, a mother, an author, a speaker and a fierce advocate for living life on your own terms. Samantha, welcome. I’m excited that you’re here.

I am excited as well, Amy. It’s always a pleasure to work with you. It’s an honor to be here on one of the early episodes of your new show that I’m excited about.

Thank you. It’s an honor to have you as a guest. I love everything that you’ve been doing with the essential oils. I know that we connected a couple of years ago and one of the things that I’ve always been curious about is how did you get into essential oils in the first place? I’d love to know a little bit more about your journey and how that connects with toxin-free living, which is another big passion of yours. I’d love to hear more about your story.

I’m going to start when I was nineteen years old. I was searching for a healthy birth control option, which I’m sure will make a lot of people chuckle, but that’s where my journey started. It opened my eyes to this world of like, “The status quo is this way.” I looked at all my options for birth control and I was like, “All these options suck. I don’t want any of these options.” Most birth control options for women are having side effects and a payoff that I wasn’t willing to accept. It took me down this rabbit hole of getting into natural fertility awareness. That led me to learn about midwifery and home birth. This whole rabbit hole of like, “Most of the world accepts this way. I don’t want that. I want better options.” That led me to lots of different areas like the food that I eat versus what most people eat. Is that how I want to treat my body? The products I use, will most people use these products? That’s not good enough for me. I want something better, less toxic, and that’s going to help and nurture my body.

That was a long transformation for me and a lot of growth and learning to be an advocate for my own body, which is what I’m passionate about teaching people that they are in charge of their health. They’re the ones living in their bodies, so they’re the ones that get to choose what they put in it, on it, and around it. Essential oils didn’t come into my life until a little bit later, about a few years ago. I was pregnant with my second daughter. It’s funny that essential oils never passed my path before then because they were in line with everything that I believed in and loved.

It took that one good friend that I’m thankful for, who introduced me to therapeutic-grade essential oils and was telling me about all the wonderful things that they were doing for people and how moms were getting their kids off of their asthma medications and all things. It opened my eyes. When I finally got to experience them for myself, I was like, “Hallelujah, this is an amazing tool.” Especially at that time, I was a mom of two. To me, they were a simple, quick and effective way to support our health. I fell in love with them.

CBW 5 | Essential Oils
Essential Oils: People are being exposed to many synthetics, chemicals, and toxins in their everyday lives, mostly through ignorance of the products they are using.


For me too, it was also through a good friend who introduced me about many years ago. I was immediately drawn and moved by the power of the aroma and how it also affected both my body and mind simultaneously. It led me right down this rabbit hole. I can relate. You’ve been working with essential oils for about a few years ago. That’s about the time that you’ve been working. A few years ago, what made you decide to start a podcast about it?

It was about a year later that I started my podcast. It was out of this need of wanting a good podcast about essential oils out there. I’ve been in audiobook and a podcast junkie for a long time. When I first started learning about the oils, podcasts were one of the first places that I looked to get more information. There wasn’t much out there on the topic. I had all these burning questions about essential oils, how to use them and how they work. The podcast was this excuse for me to be able to talk to people who are smarter than me about essential oils and put it out there. I’m glad I did because it’s one of the biggest blessings in my life to be able to call this my job.

People want this information. I know from teaching that. Especially now, this has been a crazy 2020. People are looking for ways to be in control of their health and the health of their families. Not only physiologically but also emotionally. We’re all facing many challenges these days with the pandemic and everything. I find that using essential oils to be a powerful tool and certainly, building a community around it is also essential. I see how you’ve built an enormous community around your podcast and about the passion, excitement, enthusiasm and use of essential oils. It is powerful what you’ve pulled together from people. From talking to people, building community, and the way that you have, why do you think people are drawn to essential oils? I always ask myself that all the time and I’m always curious to find out from other people who are in the thick of connecting with people what they see as that compelling point for people.

There’s something so primal in our genes and our DNA that makes us want to be closer to nature. There’s this part of our society that likes to put all these walls between us and nature. Essential oils are easy and approachable. They’re sitting there on your shelf, these beautiful little glass bottles that are full of plant magic. Whether consciously or unconsciously, people may not realize that having essential oils in your home is like having these parts of nature in your home. Not only that, but what I’ve seen is essential oils give everyday people, moms, dads, teenagers, people who aren’t doctors or maybe they’ve never studied herbal medicine or natural medicine before, a sense of control and power over their health. They’re easy to learn how to use and effective. For me, at least I feel a sense of security and having oils in my house, I feel like I have oil for every occasion. There’s something secure and empowering about that feeling.

Do you find that there are more people who ask similar questions about them when they’re first learning? If you were to think about the three most asked questions you get when you do talk to people, do teach, coaching people or connecting with people online, what do you think are the three top things that people are most curious about?

First and foremost, always safety, “Are they safe?” Yes, they are. The second question is always, “Do they work well?” Yes, they do once you use them properly. Number three is, “How do I use them?” It’s interesting that having a podcast where I have over 250 episodes but I’m still not out of things to talk about when it comes to how to use essential oils, what oils to use for what and all those things. At the end of the day, when people are like, “How do I use them?” I say, “Go listen to the first episode of my podcast. It is twenty minutes long. It’s everything you need to know about how to use oils in twenty minutes.” No matter how complex, complicated, amazing, synergistic, magical these oils are and the millions of ways that you can use them, at the end of the day, there’s not that much you need to know to use them.

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There are five minutes of safety tips to be aware of and the three different ways to use them. From there, you’ve got to give them a try. Don’t use one drop and say, “They didn’t work for me,” but give them a try and you can become confident in using your oils. That’s something that I like to focus my work on. I’m not the expert on essential oils. I’m just your everyday mom who loves to use them. I love to empower people to not be afraid to use their oils and use them.

I’m glad you brought this topic up because I do a lot of work as well within the clean beauty space. I’ve been involved in that area and certainly incorporating essential oils into clean beauty products. I find even within that space, but also within people who are practitioners and using these essential oils that we have to approach them always from a heart-centered place. I see a lot of fear-mongering sometimes, which makes people feel like, “I’m not smart enough. I haven’t studied enough. I don’t feel confident enough. I don’t feel right.” That immediately inhibits them or makes them feel nervous about using them and you are correct.

We have to open that bottle, connect with the aroma, use it and not approach it from that fear-based place, but to approach it from these beautiful expressions of nature that we are able to connect within this highly technological, modern world that we’re in. Focusing on the beauty and that heart-centered direction rather than fear is important. I know when you first started getting into living a more holistic plant-based and nature-centered lifestyle, you started realizing about the synthetics and certain contaminants that are in our everyday products. How did this then become something that you wanted to teach and help people with? This idea of toxin-free living that I know is a big part of what you do?

It’s funny that we were talking about not letting fear be the focal point of your experience with essential oils. I’d be lying if I say that I wasn’t scared to death about what is happening with our health and what’s happening with our planet as a whole. It’s terrifying to me. The people in charge aren’t doing anything about it or at least not enough, in my opinion. If you look at the cancer rates in America, it skyrocketed. From 1950 to 1990, cancer increased by 48%. Cancer kills more children under the age of fourteen than any other disease. Breast cancer rates in India in the 1960s, I think it was 1 in 20 women would get cancer in their lifetime and now it’s 1 in 8.

Many scientists agree that at least 1 in 5 cancers are caused by chemicals or other environmental exposures. Not just in the workplace but in consumer products, our food, water and air. It’s not genetics or bad luck. It’s what we’re being exposed to. You and I will have 30,000 to 50,000 chemicals in our bodies that our grandparents never had. We’re being exposed to many synthetics, chemicals and toxins in our everyday life, mostly through ignorance of what is in our products that we’re using. It makes me sad to know that most of the companies that make our everyday things, cleaners, shampoos, soaps, makeup and even our food, the bottom line is always going to take precedence over the health of the consumer because we live in a consumer-driven and a profit-driven world.

As consumers, we start demanding better and we start voting with our dollars. I believe that we can make a difference and we’re seeing that already. We’re seeing companies that are focusing more on natural products or green products and we could go into greenwashing. We’re seeing that people are demanding better. They know that certain plastics are bad for them. They’re starting to be aware that parabens are bad for them. They might not know what those words mean, but they’re looking for that. I feel like we can see that change, but I’d love to see more of it. If we can collectively demand better in our products, then we can help make our planet and our health as a society better. It takes some work, some sacrifice and it takes educating yourself. That’s why I love teaching people how to become more aware of the hidden toxins that are found all around them.

CBW 5 | Essential Oils
Essential Oils: People need to start demanding better and start voting with their dollars.


Awareness is more than half the battle for sure. As you see, we’re seeing little changes like this happening, even at bigger retailers and stores. Even things as far as our dairy products. A lot of stores won’t carry or at least alert you to what dairy products have, the hormones if they have them anymore, etc. We are beginning to see that and companies embracing those values and concepts as well, but it does take education. It does take people together as a community and understanding that making those decisions with how they spend their money can also affect that huge change. If they stopped buying those products, they’re going to be forced to be like, “We’re going to have to start changing.” That also has another element to it as well.

We were talking a little bit about living toxin-free and the cleaning products in our home and that is an area where people are less willing or a little more reluctant to let go of. Especially in these times where everyone is concerned about germs, surfaces and all of this, which is what we’re all living with. Maybe you have some actionable tips or some suggestions about how we can slowly start incorporating these toxin-free living practices in the way that we clean our home. I know there are some kids who are going back to school. Many of us are trying to maybe go back to the workplace, continue with some daily rhythm or maybe we’re shopping more than we were a few months ago, etc. We want to make sure that our home stays clean. What suggestions would you have for someone new at this, who is a little scared to let go of their Clorox, wipes or whatever it might be? What can they do as an alternative to make sure that their home and their families stay healthy and clean?

First, I want to say that going slowly and one step at a time is key. It’s easy to get in that fear-based mindset and go, “I have to get rid of everything and throw everything in the trashcan and spend a bunch of money on expensive stuff. It gets overwhelming and it’s no fun.” I like to keep things fun and simple. I recommend starting with those areas in your home that you’re a little less attached to. If you’re not quite ready to let go of those Clorox, wipes or your favorite shampoo, even though it has some things in it that you’re like, “This might not be the best for me,” that’s okay. I’m not telling you to throw away every single toxin in your home.

Start with those areas that are a little easier to let go of. My goal when I teach people about toxin-free living is not to aim for a sterilized environment. We, as society, has gotten focused on, “This kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria.” That’s not good for our bodies. I know that’s not what a lot of people probably want to hear during this global pandemic because they’re scared of that one virus or one germ. If you’re constantly living in a sterile environment where there are no germs around you, then you’re not getting the good bacteria that are supposed to be around you in the dirt, the air and whatever. We know that kids who grow up on farms or with animals always are going to have stronger immune systems than kids who grew up in more sterile environments.

Those are my two prefaces of our goal is not to freak you out and get you to ditch everything in your home. It’s not to get your home crystal-like sanitation operating room clean either. Once you embrace those two philosophies, then I always suggest the best place to start for people is being aware of the word fragrance. If you can learn what the word fragrance means, when you go to buy your next product, whether that’s a household cleaner, a toothpaste, a shampoo, a deodorant, or whatever, look at the ingredients list. If it says the word fragrance or sometimes it can be called parfum or perfume, then don’t buy it. It’s my easy rule of thumb because if it has the word fragrance on the label, that is usually but not always an indication that the product is going to contain some toxin that is not good for your body.

The word fragrance in all the product industries, cosmetics, cleaners, whatever, all those household product industries, the word fragrance is code for a scent or a flavoring agent that can contain any combination of over 3,000 stock chemical ingredients. These ingredients include hormone disruptors and unknown allergies. The word fragrance on a label, that’s like the company safety net. That’s the company’s legal loophole to be able to put any ingredient that they want to into that product and hide it under that term because that term is classified as a trade secret. Therefore, those ingredients do not have to be disclosed. They can remain secret. This sneaky little legal loophole that companies use because they might tout a product as natural and comes from natural ingredients. You’re looking at the back of the bottle and you don’t see any of those huge red flags in the ingredients list that you might have heard of in other places. When you see that word fragrance, who knows what’s hiding in that word because they don’t have to tell us? It’s a trade secret.

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CBW 5 | Essential Oils
Essential Oils: No matter how complex or amazing these oils are and the millions of ways you can use them, there’s not much to know about using them.


I oftentimes get the objection from people like, “I can’t use essential oils. I’m allergic to fragrance. I don’t like smells. Every time I go through the mall, I have to close my eyes or I get a headache.” I’m like, “Me too. I’m with you.” If you’re getting essential oils from a good source because many essential oils are fragrance disguised as essential oils. True essential oils come from the plant. There should be no synthetic chemicals, nothing derived from petroleum, no carcinogens, nothing like that should be in your essential oil bottle. It’s pure aroma. Rarely do I find people who have a true allergic reaction to the scent of essential oil.

That’s a great tip. We’re getting rid of the air fresheners and replacing them with diffusers. That’s a major shift for a lot of people because the diffuser will also introduce people more and in a very easy, safe, and beautiful way to bring the essential oils into the home, for sure. Not only be able to shift the aroma that they’re trying to cover up or whatever, which is what an air freshener does but then you’re also bringing in the health benefits as well of having the oils diffused throughout the home. When you’re cleaning your house, do you have a product that you’ve made with essential oils or a DIY one that you love and that you use all the time?

I am not a DIY queen. I’m also one of those people that I don’t particularly like the smell of vinegar and that’s what most homemade cleaning products are made out of but I do love the smell of lemon. If I’m making my own DIY cleaner, I’ll usually do part water and part vinegar. A lot of people don’t realize if you are cleaning with vinegar, you can’t dilute it too much or it doesn’t do the job. You need it strong. At least half water and half vinegar and to overpower that smell of vinegar, I’ll add a lot of lemon essential oil, maybe some lavender, some ylang-ylang, orange or whatever I’m attracted to scent-wise.

At the end of the day, I’m a hardcore Thieves Household Cleaner gal. Without trying to endorse one product over the other, I could not survive without my Thieves cleaner. It’s a cleaner concentrate made out of 100% naturally derived plant-based ingredients. There are Thieves and lemon essential oil added in there. Thieves is a popular famous blend of essential oils. It’s power-packed. It cleans better than anything else I’ve ever tried and you can use it on every single surface, glass, windows, mirrors and wood, countertops, fabric, anything you can think of. That’s what I go to because it’s affordable and it’s easy. For tough things, I mix a little bit of Thieves cleaner with some baking soda and there’s nothing I haven’t been able to clean with those two simple ingredients combined.

Could you remind us of what the essential oils that make up Thieves?

It is cinnamon, clove, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus.

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Those are all potent antimicrobials. They’re powerful. I love the way that those oils smell together as well. It shifts the whole vibe of the home when you’re either diffusing that or cleaning for sure.

This leads me to one last tip for embracing more toxin-free living is like, “If you don’t want to DIY everything, that’s fine.” DIY is super fun and affordable. With Google nowadays, you can find a recipe for anything. If you want to purchase your products, find a brand and a source that you trust. Do your research and find a company that you feel aligned with those values that you’re trying to introduce into your home and make that a part of your shopping. With online shopping, it’s easy. If you can’t find a brand or a company that you align with in your stores, go online and do shopping. Do a little research and ask your friends for recommendations. I feel like it lowers the stress level for me to have my go-to brand that I trust that I can purchase anything that I want if I’m lazy to DIY it.

There are some lovely brands out there, many more than there were years ago. We have a lot more. I don’t know if your kids are in school, homeschooled, online school, or what’s going on, but these days with the pandemic and everything, what essential oils are right on hand for you? How are you using them to keep your family healthy and in a positive mindset these days? Is there something that you’re leaning towards?

My kids are remote learning, which is code for like, “Just as hard as homeschooling, but more stressful it seems.” Technology is crazy. I have a third-grader and a kindergartener. Their two bedrooms are next to each other. This is me going back and forth between rooms. “I need help.” It’s been stressful for sure. I have a diffuser in each of their bedrooms. I have a diffuser in every room of the house. I’ve found with kids especially that letting them choose the oil, the payoff is much better. Even if you are like, “I’m feeling like they need something to stimulate their brain like cedarwood.”

They might not like the smell of cedarwood. To me, it’s more worth it to be like, “What oil do you want?” No matter why they choose that. My daughter, she’s five and a girly girl. She’ll pick all the pink oils. If it’s got a pink label on it, she’ll go for it. I’m like, “That’s a valid choice.” I like it because I feel like any essential oil is better than no essential oil. We let them choose. I try to keep oils in their room that I feel like are calming for them. My daughter responds well to citrus oil. They seem to calm her more than the more earthy like lavenders and vetivers out there. She loves grapefruit oil. I’ll always have that around for her.

My son is a wild child. I try to keep more grounded oils out there for him. Anything that comes from a tree. I try to keep in his room, black spruce, pine oil and frankincense. We do a lot of Thieves as well to keep everyone happy. My son has some sensory overload issues. Wearing a mask for him is difficult. He’s about to go back to school two days a week and they have to wear a mask when they’re in school. I’m getting worried and not sure if he’s going to be able to handle it. I’m planning to make him a mask spray. I’ll take an empty spray bottle, fill it with some witch hazel, some water and then put some calming oil onto there. I like a blend called Peace & Calming. I know there’s some blue tansy in it. I love any calming oil, bergamot and lavender. You can make a mask spray and spray it on the outside of the mask before he puts it on. He starts breathing in those oils and it helps keep him calm. In theory, we haven’t tried it yet. I’m excited to try that out when he has to go back to school.

CBW 5 | Essential Oils
Essential Oils: If it has the word fragrance on the label, it is usually an indication that the product contains bad toxins for your body.


I’ve been using making some mask sprays lately. I’m finding as I trudge around New York City in my mask in between that it can be stressful. For everybody, wearing a mask is stressful regardless. I find that the mask sprays are helpful. I’m sure he’s going to love it. What’s been in your bag or by your side that’s been your go-to essential oil?

I’m leaning much on a blend called Abundance that is made of orange, frankincense, patchouli, clove, ginger, myrrh, cinnamon, and black spruce. The smell of it is divine. It is the most delicious smelling essential oil. I love it. I’ll use it as a perfume, but also this blend was formulated with the intention of attracting abundance into your life. I feel like the world has been stuck in this scarcity mindset lately. I struggle with a scarcity mindset a lot and I’m trying to open my life up to more abundance in all areas of my life. Not just money, but an abundance of time, love and energy. I want abundance in all those things. I’ve been refocusing back on my essential oil business.

Once the pandemic hit, there were lots of things going on in my life that slowed down in those areas. I’m refocusing on that with this intention of abundance and helping others find that abundance as well. Mostly moms, learning to help others earn a little extra income with their essential oils. If they want to join an essential oil company and start a business. That’s where my heart is at because we came from a hard place financially. We were on food stamps and on government assistance. We were poor many years ago and essential oils came into my life. I started my business and that all changed. Now we get to experience this abundance and that’s where my passion has been focused is how I can pass that forward. How can I pass that on to others? I love the Abundance oil.

That is such a good message for people. We have many stressors, fears, and things are intense. One thing happens to pile up on another. If we can learn to approach things from that place of abundance more, it’s going to be good for everyone. I love that. That’s beautiful. I wish you a lot of abundance for sure. Aside from your amazing podcast that has many fans and people listening to you, how else can people learn more about you? If they’re excited to maybe connect with you and maybe work with you?

My hub online is That’s my name. I try to keep that up-to-date with everything going on, but for the most up-to-date and the quickest way to hear about what’s going on with me is my Instagram and my handle is @LifebySamWright. That’s where you can find me. If you want to listen to my podcast, it’s called The Essential Oil Revolution. You can ask Alexa to play The Essential Oil Revolution and she’ll play it back to you. The first time I did that, I was like, “That’s exciting.”

I do have a few exciting things coming up. One is I’m launching a 30 days oil sharing challenge to help people earn a little extra income before the holidays. Reach out to me if you’re interested in something like that. The second is I’m publishing my first book about podcasting for people that want to learn how to launch, grow, and monetize their own podcasts. That book will be coming out in the next few months. Hopefully, it will be available on Amazon. If you want to sign up to hear about when that comes out, you can sign up at

I wish you the best with all of that and all those new things coming up for sure. I want to thank you again for joining me and talking about essential oils, toxin-free living, keeping our homes and our families safe and positive. I appreciate all of your energy, your vibe and everything that you shared with us. Thank you.

I have to say thank you, Amy, for all that you do as well. I’ve admired your work for a long time. I love everything that you do and you’re such a kindred spirit. Thank you for letting me come and share this time with your readers. I appreciate it.

Until next time then.

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