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If you’ve landed here it’s probably because using essential oils has made you crave authentic, reliable and comprehensive aromatherapy training – look no further. That’s  what we do. 

Dive into our courses instantly and start a journey that will give you the confidence not only to use  essential oils safely and effectively but also guarantee you gain the expertise to share with others.


Aromatherapy Certification Program

Whether you’re aiming to switch up your career or simply understand why essential oils do their thing, our certification course is here to help you become a pro at blending and applying your oils.

The New York Institute of Aromatherapy - Our Story

Make no mistake, The New York Institute of Aromatherapy, founded by Amy Galper in 2013, is the first, and only, aromatherapy school in New York City. Although the pandemic forced our physical doors to close, we continue to thrive online- giving everyone access, no matter where they live around the world.

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Our Courses

Master the art of using and blending essential oils to improve your health, vitality, and overall wellness

Essential Oil Safety

Level: Beginner

Fee: $7

Learn how to use essential oils safely without feeling stressed that you might be doing anything wrong. This is a simple, quick course that is packed with research and facts about using essential oils safely – so you can enjoy using them confidently.

Diffusing Essential Oils

Level: Beginner

Fee: $17

Everyone is diffusing essential oils!  So make sure you are doing it safely and effectively.  In this course you’ll not only learn about how to diffuse safely, but also the difference between different diffusers, a buyers guide, and a list of the safest essential oils to use.

Essential Oils and Skin Care

Level: Beginner

Fee: $47
For all DIY-ers using essential oils in their skincare products!  In this 4 part video course, learn some easy recipes, safety tips, and best practices when making your own DIY skincare products.

Aromatherapy for Holistic Living

Level: Beginner

Fee: $97

Want to get all the information that’s inside the certification course, but not interested in getting certified?  Then this course is for you. You’ll learn all the basics of what the practice of aromatherapy is, and how to apply it so you can live a more holistic lifestyle. The only part that is missing from this course is in depth training in the institute’s blending methodology, The BL3ND Solution Framework.

Aromatherapy Certification

Aromatherapy in Action
Level: Get Level 1 and Level 2 training in one course

Fee: $697

Over 300 hours of training so you can become a certified Level 2 aromatherapist. Approved by NAHA, AIA and IFPA, this program is different from other online certification programs because it’s taught through the lens of blending, inspired by the institute’s unique approach to blending called: The BL3ND Solution Framework. Enjoy lifetime access, and hand-held support.

How to Start an Aromatherapy Business

Prerequisite: You must be a certified aromatherapist or a current student in an approved aromatherapy certification program.
Fee: $497
If you want to start an aromatherapist business, you’ll need a solid plan. Whether you want to teach, sell products or scale your 1:1 practice. This online program gives you the basic foundational steps on how to set up your business, from the legalities, finding the right customers, to the actual business structure.

Teacher Training

Pre-requisiste: You must be a certified aromatherapist or a current student in an approved aromatherapy certification program
Fee: $497
Eager to add another stream of revenue to your aromatherapy practice? Teaching can be one of the most lucrative ways to do it.  But you’ll need a plan. This course gives you a solid foolproof blueprint on how to teach short form classes, and how you can earn a living doing so.

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