Traveling with essential oils is easy!  But if you want to make sure that your oils don’t spoil or leak all over your luggage, here are a few tips to make sure that wherever you travel to, your essential oils will be in good condition.

But before we jump into how to travel safely with essential oils, let’s talk about why you should be traveling with essential oils!

Essential oils have many aromatherapeutic properties and they can be used to support our overall health and wellbeing and help us feel better in an instant. Check out my book, The Ultimate Guide of Aromatherapy for more info about this!

Whenever we travel, there’s a chance we may be faced with a few different challenges, physically and emotionally.  

Here is a list of the benefits of using essential oils while traveling:

  • Sleep disruptions: due to jet lag, time zone differences, and different sleeping accommodations.
  • Tummy upsets: due to new eating schedules, different foods and feelings of uncertainty.
  • Stuffy noses and itchy eyes due to new environments, different allergens, air quality and climate changes.
  • Fortifying our resilience, so we stay healthy as we travel. 
  • Achy body and muscle soreness due to carrying luggage and out of the ordinary physical exertion.
  • First Aid support; Miinor cuts, scrapes and bruises are not uncommon as we travel, and having some go-to remedies in our luggage can make soothing these minor mishaps effortless.  
  • Motion sickness, due to boat rides, bumpy buses and winding roads.

Which essential oils are best to take with you?  Here is our recommended of travel essential oils

  • Lavender: to support sleep, tummy upsets, sore muscles and first aid
  • Eucalyptus: to support sore muscles, fortifying resilience and easing a stuffy nose
  • Sweet Orange: to support sleep, tummy upsets and fortifying relisience
  • Tea Tree: to support sore muscles, fortifying resilience and easing a stuffy nose
  • Geranium: to support sleep, tummy upsets, sore muscles and first aid
  • Peppermint: to support sore muscles, fortifying resilience and easing a stuffy nose and motion sickness
  • 2 oz bottle of Jojoba Oil: We suggest bringing some carrier oil so you can dilute your essential oils properly and be able to apply them to your skin safely.

Here are 5 steps to pack your essential oils safely.

  • Make sure each bottle is tightly capped.
  • Each essential oil should be put in their own individual zip lock bag.
  • Take all the essential oils that are individually bagged, and place all of them in a large zip lock bag.
  • Put the bag in your luggage making sure to cushion it between your clothing,
  • You can lay the oils flat, it’s not necessary to have them standing upright as your luggage will most likely shift position often.

Additional suggestions for packing your essential oils:

  • If you don’t want to use plastic ziplock bags, you can purchase small cosmetic toiletry bags, like this, that have leak proof lining and zip close.
  • Alternatively, you can purchase a special essential oil travel bag like this.  But it can take up unnecessary space in your luggage. So choosing this depends on how large your suitcase is.

Can you fly with essential oils?  Yes!  Absolutely!

  • If you are flying with essential oils, you could also choose to carry your essential oils in your carry-on bag,because the sizes of the essential oil bottles are below the 3 fluid ounce maximum regulation for flying.  However, if you choose to carry them with you, we’d still recommend placing them in either ziplock bags, or cosmetic toiletry bags that have a waterproof lining.

Next time you plan to travel don’t forget to bring along your essential oils, they are a great way to support your wellbing away from home.

Which essential oils will you take on your next trip? Take the Quiz and find out which essential oil blend will dramatically improve your life! Also check out my resources!

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