Essential oils and Beauty are meant for each other. When we think of what it means to feel beautiful, to have beautiful skin, to radiate beauty – essential oils are the nexus that brings it all together.

Their dynamic and nuanced composition of molecules – combined with the beauty and emotional resonance offered by their aromas – connects us to what true beauty really means.?

It?s not easy to formulate essential oils into facial products – you want to make sure the formula is both effective and smells incredible – simultaneously.

The tricky part is crafting the aroma to be subtle, yet transporting and resonant – guiding us to connect more deeply with the power of its fragrant beauty.

I?ve been using essential oils in my facial care routine for over 20 years and I attribute my consistent usage to healing all sorts of odd scars, marks and discolorations – along with greatly improving my complexion’s overall health and appearance.

Not to mention the enormous benefits I?ve experienced from how their scents have nurtured my soul, soothed my anxiety, raised my awareness – and have made me feel beautiful.?

A great clean beauty facial care product needs to nourish us in 3 ways: physically, emotionally and psycho-spiritually. Applying product to our faces is a deeply personal experience, and can help us be more present, foster self-reflection and confidence, and just make us feel really good. And we definitely need more of that!?

Essential Oils + Lipid-Rich Plant Oils

I have found that one of the most effective and safe ways to deliver the unique power of essential oils to our facial care routine is by pairing and blending them with lipid-rich plant oils.

These oils support and enhance the aromatherapeutic properties and actions of the essential oils used in the product. The lipid-rich plant oils that I am talking about are the fatty extracts from some very common, and in some cases, very edible, plants: think olive oil, macadamia oil, almond oil, etc? All of these oils come from cold-pressed seeds, nuts and fruits.?

One beautiful essential oil based brand, Pranarom, has a line of products called Treatment Moisture Oils – and they are perfect examples of this. Each of the three blends are thoughtfully designed so that both the aromas and the therapeutic functions of the oils enhance and support each other. 

Our skin has a real love affair with oil. Without getting too technical, our skin is made up of cells that actually need and feed on oils to stay healthy and in balance.

This means that by regular and consistent application of lipid-rich plant oils, we can actually improve our skin?s function. This includes strengthening our skin barrier, improving its immunity, tone and resiliency and promoting cellular growth and renewal ? all of which contribute to a glowing and healthy appearance.?

Our skin is a reflection of who we are and how we feel.

Essential oils love these lipid-rich plant oils ? not only do they dissolve easily when blended together, but they also work synergistically to deliver a truly holistic approach to nourishing and fortifying the skin. The plant oils literally ?carry? the essential oils and their benefits into the skin, gently supporting and enhancing the aroma-therapeutic properties of the essential oils. It?s a beautiful and very effective partnering. 

Let?s look more closely at Pranarom?s  Clear Moisture Treatment Oil. This oil combines a dynamic array of nut and seed oils, including Macadamia, Black Cumin and Sweet Almond. The essential fatty acid composition and nutritive components of these oils work to promote the skin?s resiliency, defending against bacteria and oxidative stress. These are all key properties to supporting the health of blemish-prone or oily skin. 

Fused with these lipid-rich plant oils are a range of calming and balancing essential oils, including Frankincense, Marjoram, and Roman Chamomile.

Blended together, you get a blend that not only smells clear and fortifying, but powerfully enhances the therapeutic properties of each ingredient to support clear, balanced skin.?

The Ritual

Here are a few tips and suggestions for creating your own holistic skincare ritual featuring essential oils that nourish your skin and soul. 

  • Try cleansing your face with oil, rather than soap, and take note of how gently this lifts away dirt and grime without stripping your skin. Oil cleansers are perfect for this, as they are easy to use and leave a soft, non-greasy feeling after wiping off.
  • Use floral waters to tone and soothe sensitivity. After cleansing and patting your face dry, try misting with a hydrosol, or pat down with aloe vera gel. Your skin will feel light and clean while imparting a nuanced aroma from the hydrosol that can immediately calm both mind and skin.?
  • After cleansing and toning, feed the skin with a facial oil.? If you?re not in the mood to make your own, any one of Pranarom?s deeply nutritive Treatment Moisture Oils, would be a great choice to gently massage on your face before bed.
  • As you move through each step, pay attention to the scent of the essential oils and how well they partner and align with the plant oils, and how the scent makes you feel.????

Our skin is a reflection of who we are and how we feel. It?s deeply integrated with our nervous system, our hormones and our immunity.

By taking care of our skin with pure, nutrient dense products of nature and engaging our sense of smell, we are encouraged to live happier and healthier. Enjoy the ritual of skincare ? Your mind and body will thank you!?

Want to get some hands on training making your own botanical beauty rituals? Click here for this awesome online class about essential oils and facial care!

This post was reprinted from a post Amy wrote for the Pranarom Lab Notes Blog.

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