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October Aroma Sesh

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When: Thursday, October 22 | 8pm EST
Instructor: Amy Galper

Join me for a monthly FREE hour of inspired conversation, brief aromatic meditation, essential oil poetry, and a few interesting facts about a couple of essential oils – all guided by the intention of creating community.

Why should you try and make it?

  • You love aroma and how it makes you feel and think.
  • You love essential oils, but you’re not sure how to use them
  • You love essential oils and you use them all the time, but you are craving to share your aromatic experiences with other people.
  • You want to meet me and check me out!!
  • You have general questions about Essential Oils and Clean Beauty
  • You love to make body care products at home
  • You really want to become a Certified Aromatherapist but……(sigh) ….there are “buts” ….. 

A note from Amy, the Sesh Guide

Since our August “Seshes” were such a huge hit – 100s registered!!  I am  bringing it back!  

What inspired the Aroma Sesh to begin with?

I really want to virtually meet you! Pre-COVID I hosted all sorts of events at my school in NYC, and I loved getting to meet people in person, answer questions and just be together.  I’m hoping that these brief Aroma Sesh-es can offer a similar experience!

Now, more than ever, we need to keep connected, in community, to share, celebrate what we are grateful for… and continue to learn and grow together.

Upcoming Classes

How to Make a Foaming Hand Soap

Tuesday, December 1
8 pm EST
Fee: $24.99

Learn how to make your own plant-based foaming hand soap with essential oils!

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Essential Oils for Headaches

Thursday, December 10
8pm EST
Fee: 24.99

Learn the 5 best essential oils to soothe headaches and then make your own essential oil remedy!

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Essential Oils for A Good Night’s Sleep

Tuesday, December 29
8pm EST
Fee: $24.99

Learn the 5 Best essential oils to sleep better – Plus make your own essential oils sleep remedy!

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