Relieve Election Stress with Essential Oils

Fee: $24.99
Instructor: Amy Galper

This upcoming US election is really stressful – no matter which candidate you support. Are you worrying more than usual? Is your anxiety manifesting physically? Belly aches? Sleeping issues? Heart palpitations? Is it disrupting your home/work life and  making you feel overwhelmed and depressed?

Learn how essential oils can offer you great relief during these very stressful times – and help you better manage your anxiety.

The holistic nature of essential oils can have a profound effect on how we respond to the stress and anxiety we all face on a daily basis.  Learn how to use essential oils so you can feel better – and more at ease.

Amy will share some practical and effective essential oil tips and tools, and highlight 5 specific essential oils that have been shown to reduce anxiety.

What you will learn:

  1.  5 essential oils best to soothe away your anxiety
  2.  3 best ways to use essential oils to find a healthier state of mind.
  3.  2 stress-relief recipes you can use right away.

A supply list and a link to purchase a class kit with everything you need for the class, will be sent to those who register.


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