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Hi, I'm Amy!

So. . . how did I become an Aromatherapist?

It all started with a mysterious health crisis (in the late 90’s) that seismically shifted my life (and soul!) and threw me nose first into the essential oil rabbit hole.

And now, here I am!, A sought after teacher, successful business owner, entrepreneur, co-author of 2 books, and a clean beauty product developer.

My journey began simply as an Aromatherapy Practitioner, then I developed an award winning aromatherapy mind-body beauty brand which soon morphed into a busy consulting business — a path that compelled me to open the first Aromatherapy School in NYC in 2013.

Despite all the different ways my aromatherapy practice inspired me, what I am most passionate about is teaching.

So, if you’ll let me….I’d love to teach you the steps I took in building a sustainable and meaningful career as an Aromatherapist.

Aromatherapy in Action - The Podcast has Arrived!

With Amy Galper

The Aromatherapy in Action Podcast is where Aromatherapists, Wellness Seekers, Clean Beauty Fans and Aromatherapy Entrepreneurs can come together to seriously uplevel their education about Essential Oils, the Practice of Aromatherapy and how to build an influential Aromatherapy Business. Join host Amy Galper as she discusses all aspects of Aromatherapy Practice, from zeroing in on the therapeutics of a wide variety of botanical ingredients (including essential oils, of course!), to investigating organic skincare formulation, illuminating the fine nuances of Clinical Practice, Teaching Aromatherapy, Clean Beauty Formulating — Plus, sharing the steps and strategies to build a successful Aromatherapy Business.


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A Free Guide that shows you how to safely diffuse essential oils!

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