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Ready to launch your clean beauty product in just 6 months?

The Clean Beauty Product Launch Accelerator is an immersive program crafted from over 15 years of expert product development experience. 

The Accelerator is a treasure trove of industry secrets that is designed to guide you through every critical aspect of launching a clean beauty brand. You’ll delve into the heart of clean beauty, defining a niche that resonates with your values and vision. With intuitive templates and holistic guidance, the Accelerator makes complex steps like market research and product briefs an easy and enjoyable experience. I’ll guide you in the formulation process, connect you with top chemists and branding consultants, and share insider strategies for marketing and distribution. 

This program is your blueprint to launch, scale, and stand out in the competitive clean beauty market. Apply now to secure your spot so we can turn your clean beauty aspirations into reality.

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Launch and scale your skin care brand

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My journey began with a personal quest for health and wellness, leading me down a path of essential oils and plant-based solutions. This pursuit wasn’t just a lifestyle change; it became the foundation of my career and a testament to the transformative power of aromatherapy. 

As a passionate entrepreneur, educator, and author, my career is a reflection of my commitment to innovative, sustainable beauty. My experience spans working with ambitious startups and prominent Fortune 500 companies alike. In every collaboration, I bring a unique blend of creativity and practicality, crafting products that not only captivate but also resonate with a deeper sense of purpose and integrity.

Today, I stand before you as a mentor eager to share my wealth of knowledge. Whether it’s guiding you through the nuances of clean beauty standards or helping you articulate your unique vision into a tangible product, I am here to help. Join me on this journey, and let’s transform your aspirations into a thriving, impactful clean beauty brand.


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I am the founder of Sula Beauty Co. And I can't begin to explain to you the benefits of working with Amy, going through the accelerator program, and just making sure that my business is as prepared as it can be in terms of working with cosmetic chemists, of making sure I understand what clean beauty is and how to properly ensure that my formulations are ready to go that they are safe and effective to also just building relationships and connections with some of the top industry professionals.


I'm an aromatherapist I just took this program because I had formulated a product that I loved and wanted to share with the world but I didn't know how. This program has been incredible and super transformative for me because it makes you dive deep. It really encourages you to figure out what you want your brand to be, what your goals values are and gives you the solid foundation that you need as you're jumping off a point


I was at a point that I pretty much had my formulas down I was ready to move forward but I really felt stuck I didn't I didn't quite know what to do so with Amy's coaching program I was able to really focus on who my client was, what my avatar was, who I was pitching my product to and why …and now we're really close to launching I've I've got my my products and I've had my first round of samples and I'm just incredibly excited and I could not have done it without Amy


Joining the Clean Beauty Accelerator was THE THING I needed to get the product idea that had lived in my head for years, onto paper and into action! The unique intersection of clean beauty industry expertise, a proven process, and priceless advice from Amy … then this is for you!”


Amy’s unique Accelerator Program leveled-up my brand, vision and products. Actionable and invaluable, her mentorship provided the structure and guidance I needed to successfully grow my business.


Amy, this program is incredible. The tools you share are amazing. SO helpful and tactical. Having gone through the process backwards and sideways with what felt like my eyes closed.  I can’t begin to express how grateful I am.  You’ve given me such a clear roadmap.
I am so excited.


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Launch and scale your skin care brand

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The Step-by-Step System to get your clean beauty product idea out of your head and selling out at the counter — without the stress and overwhelm, and without wasting time and money.



The Step-by-Step System to get your clean beauty product idea out of your head and selling out at the counter — without the stress and overwhelm, and without wasting time and money.